Plasma is ...
Plasma is the charged gaseous aggregate comprised of electron, ion and neutral gas and is recognized as the 4th state of matter creating innovative new materials and processes in the 21st century. Plasma technology is applied as essential core technology for film deposition, etching and surface functionalization in manufacturing of value-added products including devices, components and equipments for prospective industries including semiconductor, flat panel displays, digital electronics, automobile, precision machinery etc.. It will also play a crucial role for advance in next generation human-oriented technology including nano-technology, bio-technology, energy and environment technology.

Center for Advanced Plasma Surface Technology(CAPST) has been established as one of excellency research center in Sungkyunkwan University and designated and supported by Ministry of Science and Technology(MOST), Korea and Korea Science and Engineering Foundation(KOSEF) since July 1, 2000. The center is dedicated for design and synthesis of new functional film materials and development of advanced plasma surface and film processes including plasma sources and sophisticated plasma diagnostics.

CAPST's Research Staffs are comprised of 20 professors and 14 staffs cooperating in interdisciplinary research majors of material science, plasma physics, surface chemistry, electronics and mechanical engineering. The center is carrying out interdisciplinary research programs in three major divisions with integrated plasma processing and analytic systems as followings;

- Divison I : Thin films design and synthesis
- Division II : Analysis and evaluation of thin films
- Division III : Modeling of films and diagnostics of plasma

CAPST is driven to bridge the scientific researchs to industrial applications including education and training of professional young research scientists and industrial engineers. Cooperating with world-nominated research institutes and leading the industrial companies, the center would contribute for advance in innovation of functional thin film materials and surface processing with development of initiative plasma processing technology, and value-added technology transfer for commercialization.

Your cordial cooperation and contribution would be sincerely appreciated.
Center for Advanced Plasma Surface Technology
Director, Prof. Jeon Geon Han