Bio-medical film
Plasma Diagnostics
To implement plasma process control, physical and chemical reaction on plasma and samples surface should be correctly understood. Even the glow discharge, which is being actively studied, is not understood correctly yet.

The present center secured various plasma diagnostic systems such as LIF (Laser-Induced Fluorescence), OES (Optical Emission Spectroscopy), Langmuir Probe, RGA (Residual Gas Analyzer), QMS Quadrupole Mass Spectroscopy), etc. in order to develop high-efficiency plasma source, based on perfect understanding on plasma states, and to implement high-functional thin film.

Integrated plasma diagnostics

Langmuir probe (LP) -. In-situ plasma parameters measurement
- Electron temperature, plasma density, plasma potential, floating potential
Optical emission spectroscopy (OES) -. Spectral line emission intensity, relative density of species, absolute density, electron temperature & density and etc.
Optical absorption spectroscopy (OAS) -. Absolute density measurement of species in the plasma
Laser-induced fluorescence (LIF) -. Velocity distribution measurement of species in the plasma
Fabry-Perot interferometry(FPI) -. Kinetic energy, velocity & temperature distribution measurement of species in the plasma
Infrared diagnostics (IR camera) -. Surface (Target & growing films) temperature measurement
Residual gas analyzer (RGA) -. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of various neutral species in the plasma