Film Design & Plasma Diagnostic
Modeling and Simulation
The plasma coating and etching technologies are rapidly advanced concurrently with industrial advance. Likewise, such an advance accelerates the micro process technology belonging to the category of MEMS. In particular, the PE-CVD that satisfies the low-temperature and multifunctional environment of devices, RIE, ICP, etc. are representative technologies in coating and dry etching, respectively.

Such technologies inevitably need the clean room due to process properties; hence, the present center secures a clean room and carries out researches on various plasma coatings and dry etchings. This figure shows CAPST’s clean room and various MEMS-related devices.
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Evaluation and Analysis
In plasma-applied surface treatment and coating, the technology that evaluates and analyzes the formation and physical properties of produced thin films and fine structures is another important part. The present center actively carries out evaluation and analysis, using various analyzers securing thin films and materials produced by application technology and the present university’s devices. The devices are composed of SEM, AFM, nano-indenter, etc.

Moreover, in case of needing special analyzers, the problems are solved through inter-institute cooperation and overseas assistance. The present center always allow collaborators, other institutes, enterprises, etc. to use the devices, with a fixed charge and precontract. Likewise, the center provides education service pertaining to the use of devices. Also, the center produces plasma-applied coatings and surface treatment in compliance with the orders, using its devices. If you want to place an order with this center, download the format of “Application” and make contact with this center.

Instrument Model Application area Company
Evaluation and analysis of thin film
Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)& Energy Dispersive x-ray Spectrometer (EDS) S-3500H Visualizing the surface of solid samples
Qualitative and quantitative analysis of solid sample surface
Pt, carbon ion sputter E-1010 Conductive coating of insulator surface HITACHI (Japan)
Atomic Force Microscope (AFM) AP-0100 Surface morphology analysis Thermomicroscopes (USA)
Nano-indenter Nanoindenter XP Analysis of Physical properties (Hardness, modulus and etc) MTS (USA)
Fourier Transform Infrared spectrometer (FT-IR) Bruker IFS-66v/S Analysis of chemical structure of organic/nonorganic materials (available in vacuum) Bruker (USA)
Glow Discharge Spectrometer (GDS) GDS-850A Elemental analysis of bulk/film samples (Depth profiling) LECO (USA)
Hall effect measurement HMS-3000 Analysis of electrical properties (Resistivity, carrier concen., mobility and etc) ECOPIA (Korea)
Surface profilometer (α-step surface profiler) Alpha-Step IQ Analysis of surface profiles (Thickness and roughness) KLA-Tencor (USA)
Peel tester DAGE Series 4000 Adhesion force measurement DAGE (Germany)
Scratch tester JLST022 Adhesion force measurement J&L Tech (Korea)
4 point probe CMT-SR1000N Analysis of electrical properties (Resistance, Sheet resistance) Changmin Tech (Korea)
Residual stress tester Stress tester Residual stress measurement of thin film J&L tech (Korea)
Image analyzer (LEICA DMLM) i-solution DT ver 7.8 Analysis and processing of images i-solution (Korea)
Wetting angle measurement SEO300A -. Contact angle and surface energy measurement SEO (Korea)
Evaluation and analysis of Bio-medical samples
Spectrophotometer CM 3500D Color difference measurement MINOLTA (Japan)
Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC) TMA 2940 Thermal analysis TA. Ins. (USA)
Centrifuge MF-50 Cell based testing (Basic centrifuge in clinical or cell culturing) Hna-il Inst. (Korea)