Technology Transfer
Technology Transfer
CAPST always keeping scrutiny in mind the company's technology demands a global technology trends and intellectual property. CAPST perform the development of core technologies, such as the following forms and procedures as the demand for technology Transfer Company.

The industrial-academic research collaborations have about all legal procedures for transfer of technology, and the patent of rights transferred by simplifying administrative procedures and management for all the support. [Contact Us :]

Technology transfer type (Contract type)
Patent Transfer Agreement
The contract change right subject that the right of patent transferred to the buyer.

Exclusive effectuation agreement
The subjects of rights not change. However, the exceptional range of patent of rights have exclusive and exclusive possession contract.

Trade effectuation agreement
Conducted within the scope of patent rights to certain contracts.

Previous contracts
This patent have application of technology, Secret knowledge or experience, data, etc.. and the right to conduct such an agreement

Technology royalty collection
Lump Sum
Technology transfer fee stipulated temporarily or installment payments.

Prepayment effectuation royalty
Mortgage of opening a technology stipulated that the execution duration pay the certain percentage royalty (usually 20-30%) as an upfront payment.

Trade effectuation royalty
A percentage of sales results stipulate the regular payment.